CardioReportware™ Features

With fast installation and an intuitive interface, the benefits of CardioReportware are quickly realized. Contact us for a full demo today.

redbulletDramatic Time Reductions – You will quickly see dramatic reductions in time spent by physicians generating and distributing accurate reports. Reports are transmitted to referring physicians within minutes of exam completion.

redbulletIntuitive and Full Graphic Interface – A very friendly, intuitive user interface allows medical and administrative staff experience a minimal learning curve. Data and scores can be entered via a full graphic interface providing at-a-glance diagnostics. The graphic interface can be printed on reports.

redbulletRapid Access and Entry – Tab to tab navigation and data entry using pulldown menus, thermometers and automatic calculations allow rapid setup and access to patient exam information. All popup menus, choice lists and calculations are customizable by the user.

redbulletAutomated Sentencing – Based on dimensions, previous inputs or graphic selections, observations, comments and conclusions can be automatically generated by CardioReportware. Standard diagnostic phrases can be selected from a customizable pulldown menu. Blocks of text can be manually edited, and appended.

redbulletEasy Data Access – Patient studies and demographic data can be found easily and efficiently.

redbulletExam Comparisons – The ability to compare exams with prior studies allows easy follow-up on the efficacy of treatment, progression of disease, or for teaching and research purposes. Comparison is across all modules

redbulletOne-button Click Reporting – Upon input completion and analysis, CardioReportware automatically creates, prints, faxes, and e-mails any type of report – detailed, short summary, Wall Motion Scoring comments, graphic display and more. Report setup screens display all evaluation choices which can easily be selected for the final report. Manual input is minimized through the use of default normal values. A simple click of the mouse can select from a number of predefined comments and keyword choices, and these can be personalized at any time.

redbulletSophisticated Administrative Tools – CardioReportware's administrative tools include QA reports, a review module for technicians and fellows, outpatient follow up, clinical messaging between technologists and interpreting physicians and staff administration messaging.

redbulletHighly Accurate – Extremely high accuracy rates for reimbursement submissions result in substantial revenue enhancements.

redbulletFull Exporting – Full export of all clinical, statistical, and administration data allow for expanded use of critical patient data.

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